A Pan-European campaign to build a better future for climate-induced migrants, the human face of climate change


Project Fact Sheet

Duration: 40 months
Start date: 15 January 2020
Countries: 13 + 10 EU Member States
Case study Countries: Senegal, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Guatemala
Budget: € 10,252,681 Total (90% EU contribution)


Main Results and Activities

R1. Evidence-based narrative developed on climate change impacts as one key driver for migration, highlighting the interconnection to the current development model, our economic system and our own lifestyle.

  • 4 Case Studies in Senegal, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Guatemala on climate change-induced migration.
  • 1 Comparative survey among 23 EU Member States on the knowledge of the nexus between migration, climate change and the current economic model among EU citizens aged 16-35.
  • 1 Report on Human Economy: policy proposals to foster socially and ecologically fair production and distribution of goods and services.
  • Trainings/workshops of stakeholders and multipliers on evidence-based findings and the nexus between migration, climate change and the current economic model.
  • Evidence-based findings dissemination through online and offline tools.

R2. Young people are made aware of their role and responsibilities on human-induced climate change root causes and its consequences in terms of forced displacement and irregular migration.

  • Preparatory work, trainings and organization of local and national debates in schools and universities.
  • Final Pan-European Debate Contest in Brussels and event at EU Parliament.
  • Field trips of debate finalists and influencers in case study countries and shooting of a web-series for the communication campaign.
  • Youth Association Mobilisation through financial support to third parties to multiply impact of the campaign.

R3. A focused, strategic, participatory and innovative Pan-European communication campaign carried out in the whole EU and particularly in 23 MS inlcuding Southern and Eastern Europe.

  • Coordinated online and offline communication activities (i.e. spots, social experiments, contests) to target youth (16-35 years).
  • A Pan-European Street Action Tour: performative arts and innovation technology to raise awareness on climate change-induced migration in the main squares of European Cities.
  • TedX talks in Bologna, Brussels, Nicosia and Vienna.
  • Sub-granting to run the campaign in +10 EU Member States and multiply impact of the campaign.

R4. Youth actively involved in advocacy actions calling for a more sustainable model including climate change mitigation measures and specific protection schemes for climate migrants.

  • Youth delegations at milestone events e.g. PreCOP, YouthCOP, COP26.
  • Advocacy work towards: EU Presidency countries; European Coalition of Cities Against Racism (ECCAR) Assembly, UN, cities and local governments, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and policy-makers.
  • Spokesperson tours from case study countries at main advocacy events.
  • 1 Petition with youth ambassadors.


The Pan-European Campaign

The long-term goal of the #ClimateOfChange Communication Campaign is to reach young EU citizens and provide them with the tools to become the protagonists of a Pan-European movement. A movement of informed and aware people ready to undergo a behavioural change towards a sustainable and responsible life-style. A movement aiming to contrast the effects of climate change and support development policies to address global warming, recognising the latter as a main driver of migration and forced displacement of populations.

The communication campaign will underline how a behavioural change is necessary to improve the living conditions of citizens, especially of youth asking for a better future at European and global level. Nevertheless, the underlying idea guiding all efforts to reach this goal is that working towards contrasting Climate Change will not become a realistic objective only through a change in individual behaviour but that a joint effort of active citizens, decision-makers and policies is necessary. The mainstreaming of environmental and migration issues in all aspects of society and the involvement of new actors working towards sustainability play a key role in reaching the campaign’s long-term goal.


16 Partners


10 Associates

  • A.C.A.B.A.S – Italy
  • Alleanza Italiana per lo sviluppo sostenibile (ASviS) – Italy
  • Associazione Noi del Tosi – Italy
  • Austrian National Youth Council (ÖJV) – Austria
  • Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar – Senegal
  • Fairtrade Polska – Poland
  • Mekelle University – Ethiopia
  • Municipality of Milan – Italy
  • National Youth Network (bOJA) – Austria
  • Polish Council of Youth Organisations (PROM) – Poland



„End Climate Change, Start Climate of Change #ClimateOfChange. A Pan-European campaign 
to build a better future for climate-induced migrants, the human face of climate change” 
Project is funded by the European Union under the DEAR programme.



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