#ClimateOfChange Consortium urges European Parliament to show greater ambition on climate migration

On Friday 2 October, the European Parliament’s Committee on Development (DEVE) will be voting on a motion for a resolution on the impacts of climate change on vulnerable populations in developing countries. Noting that the world is badly off track to reach the agreed climate-related objectives, the draft motion calls on the European Commission to prepare a comprehensive strategy for the EU’s contribution to limiting the impact of global warming.

“Reclaim our Civil Space!” Launch Event Webinar

The ”Reclaim our Civil Space!” project aims at addressing the trends of democratic backsliding and shrinking civil space observed in Central and South-eastern Europe, by enhancing regional cooperation and networking among civil society organizations from the bottom up. Join our launch event webinar on September 22 to learn about the main outlines of the program, the kinds of activities that are foreseen in your country and how you and your organization can be part of the change this project brings to our region.

Join the “Debates for Climate” Challenge

(БГ) Предизвикателство „Дебати за климата“ е международна младежка инициатива, която ще се проведе през 2021 г. Тя ще протече под формата на своеобразен турнир по дебатиране по зададени теми, свързани с изменението на климата и връзката му с различни глобални проблеми. На финала ще бъдат излъчени два отбора, които ще представят страната на европейския дебат в Брюксел.